• DATE Friday, Apr 28th
    TIME 19:30
    ADDRESS 176 North Canon Drive, Beverly Hills CA
    CITY Los Angeles

  • A Delightful Dinner Affair at Spago

    In the City of Angels...all roads we take lead to decadence and delight. And tonight we take you to the mother ship for an extraordinary night at LA classic, Spago.

    The flagship restaurant of the Wolfgang Puck empire, we pay homage to a chef who practically invented California cuisine. Tuna tartare cones, crispy scale black bass and of course the pizza topped with house smoked salmon are pure Wolfgang Puck, and we get to share all these treats with you. To complement this feast? Maestro Dobel cocktails that coax out classic flavors with bold new ingredients, just like the maestro would do himself.

    And like all the truly worthy things, we have enjoyed keeping this one a secret, but are even more thrilled to be able to make its grand reveal.

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