• DATE Saturday, Jul 29th
    TIME 15:00
    ADDRESS Private Estate
    CITY New York

  • Dive In : Annual East Hampton Pool Party

    Beloved Pop Artist David Hockney's 1967 painting, A Bigger Splash, asks the question on our minds for this summer soiree: water fountains into the air, capturing the moment right after someone has dived in, set against a beautiful home on a sunny day. The identity of this person remains a mystery, but we're all hoping that can be any one of us.

    Lucky for you, you're invited to a pool party at a private estate in East Hampton.

    Don your best waterside wears and get ready to dive into the rest of the summer with us. We'll whisk you away for a luxuriously leisurely day under the sun, with plenty of frosty drinks and nibbles to keep you satiated.

    More details to come!

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