• DATE Friday, Feb 24th
    TIME 19:30
    ADDRESS 3638 Navajo St
    CITY Denver

  • A Western Supper Soirée at Wildflower

    Denver members, mark your calendar and get ready for an evening of culinary delights at darling Denver hotspot, Wildflower.

    Like the natural, untamed wildflower, Marigold de la Rosa was a free spirit. Raised in the Lower Highlands in the 19th century, she cultivated the land to celebrate the culinary traditions of her mother, a horticulturist from Dahlia, Mexico, and her father, a beekeeper from Castellucio, Italy. Named after the "herb of the sun," she became an explorer, traversing the terrain to discover the Western landscape's flavors and planting wildflowers wherever she went.

    Entirely theirs for the evening, guests will step into this Lo-Hi hotspot for an unforgettable soirée with fellow Supper Clubbers. As music floats through the evening air, handcrafted Luxardo & Denizen Rum cocktails will dance their way to lips, followed by a sustainable farm-to-table supper featuring Chef Aiden Tibbetts and Chef Emmanuel Urban's most coveted dishes awaiting on tables dripping in warm candlelight.

    Looking to stay over for the night?

    Stay tuned for more details, soon-to-be-divulged...

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