A Summer Supper at Oseyo

Aug 05 2021

Austin Supper Clubbers came together for a night of heavenly drinks, modern Korean-American cuisine, and captivating company in the private Oso Room at Oseyo, one of the east side’s most eclectic hotspots!

There are many ways to say “welcome” in Korean, but the warmest might be “Oso oseyo,” meaning, “Come on in!” It’s how you’d greet friends arriving at your doorstep for dinner. It also happens to be the inspiration behind indeed warm and inviting, Oseyo.

Inspired by the mouthwatering Korean meals that painted her childhood, restaurant owner Lynn Miller pays homage to her mother's plates with modern, innovative culinary interpretations.

The night began with creative cocktails in hand, and before they knew it, tastebuds were whisked away on a multi-course journey, nourished in mom's best plates!