The Supper Club Diaries

A Chic Guide to Planning a Halloween Party

Gracie Goodenough

This year, we are feeling a bit burnt out on the classic Halloween decor and to be honest, never loved the itchy spiderwebs and cartoon ghosts you can find in the stores. So this Halloween, enhance your dining table and parties with a dark and spooky spirit with these styling tricks and treats. Here is our how to on “grown-up” Halloween. After all, who says adults can’t have a little fun on Halloween?

Style It

Set your dining table with a black tablecloth, creating the mysterious gothic backdrop for your table. Spice up the evening with a dim ambiance and be sure to fill the room and with candles for an eerie vibe.

Design a stunning tablescape by lining the table with vases of deep red roses, white pumpkins and black candles for a glamorous and chic atmosphere. For added dimension, find black candelabra’s to place throughout the room to give the space a touch of ‘Haunted Mansion’ style.

Want some added fun to the party? Put together a ominous and elegant bar cart for guests to use. Decorate the cart with deep red roses and metallic skulls for that ‘gothic’ chic look. Bring out your best red wine and let guests enjoy!

Serve It Up

Curate a menu inspired by the rich flavors of Autumn - pumpkin, chestnuts, cranberries, apples and roasted vegetables will surely impress the crowd. Here is a recipe for our favorite first course, Creamy Roasted Pumpkin Soup (P.S. it’s dairy-free & vegan so that guests of most dietary restrictions can enjoy!)

Pick Your Poison

Put together a villainous drink for your guests to sip on throughout the evening - our fave? The Poison Apple of course!

2 oz Apple Cider
1 oz Pomegranate Juice
2 oz Tequila (we recommend Maestro DOBEL Tequila)
Chips of dry ice

Combine ingredients with ice in a martini shaker.
Shake to mix and strain into a chilled martini glass
Add dry ice to glasses just before serving

If witches and ghosts aren’t your style, consider these classy and stylish Halloween decorations to spice up your house for the holiday.

Paint Pumpkins

Tired of the messy process that comes with carving pumpkins? We are too, so this year we are opting for painted pumpkins! The pumpkins will last longer, create less of a mess and the best part? They are completely customizable to your style and will be a unique take on the classic Halloween tradition.

Antique Books

Head down to your local thrift store, or pursue online shops such as eBay to pick up a stack of old antique books to use as decor for your party! Instead of just placing food on the table, use the books to display the food at varying heights for added element of elevation.

Metallic Skulls

Want a decoration that you can leave out year-round? Metallic skulls are a gorgeous option to accent any table, bar cart or spot in your house that needs a little extra Halloween spirit! And while these skulls may look expensive, they can be easily found for under $20 online.

Now, all that there is left to do is send out the invites, set the table and put together the perfect costume for the evening!