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Holiday Gift Guide

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Dear Supper Clubbers,

We wish you and your families a very merry holiday season! In honor of the most wonderful time of year, we are thrilled to provide you with a gift guide as you finish up shopping for your loved ones.

Beyond evenings of gastronomical delight and meaningful connection, there are even more perks to membership. Members have access to an ever-evolving array of handpicked special offers, discounts and deals extended by our select partners.

These fabulous holiday discounts are exclusive to Supper Clubbers and can be found in your inbox, available to use through December 31st.

So please enjoy our curated list of products below and have a fabulous rest of the year!

Erath Wines

As a wine pioneer in Oregon, Dick Erath has taken a unique approach to the beauty of Pinot. By 1972, Erath became the first winery to touch ground in the Dundee Hills, located in Yamhill, Oregon. Fellow winemakers continue to follow in his footsteps and travel to Oregon to forge a similar path.

Julia Clancey Luxury Resort

Julia Clancey is a self taught designer that specializes in luxury clothing spanning from turbans, kaftans and ravishing jumpsuits. Her inspiration is derived from old Hollywood and is now transitioning to a fully organic and sustainable line.

(Supper Club member owned).


Timeless luxury knitwear brand Santicler transcends beyond the trends. Dedicated to sustainability and minimal impact on the planet, their minimalist clothing offers versatility and a staple for every occasion.

(Supper Club member owned).

Sacred Child Beauty

Sacred Child Beauty is dedicated to inclusion and strong color palettes., offering a variety of beauty products such as lipstick, bronzer, mascara and highlighter. All ethically sourced, they are determined to offer a product so every skin pigment shines bright.

(Supper Club member owned).

Summer Fridays

After testing a plethora of beauty brands to find the perfect fit, owners of Summer Fridays, Marianna and Lauren decided they need to create the best product to fill their needs. Their first product, The Jet Lag Mask, offered the perfect solution for busy lives and is now award-winning!

Mona Assemi

Luxury jewelry brand Mona Assemi has been recognized in notorious print media while being inspired by the luxurious Persian culture along with the modern American. Her work uses a variety of immaculate metals and aims to include prominent structural features and designs.

Bushwick Kitchen

Bushwick Kitchen is turning simplicity into innovative decadence. Featuring gourmet products such as hot sauce, honey and maple syrup, Bushwick is committed to providing a plot twist on simple recipes. Add their products to your cocktails for a unique twist!

The Supper Club

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