The Supper Club Diaries

The Supper Club Heads to Austin

Alexandra Amodio

The secret’s out! The Supper Club has quietly been accepting applications from prospective members in Austin over the last year in anticipation of our opening. We're thrilled to soon be welcoming some of the savviest and most talented trendsetters the city has to offer into our family. Austin, you’re in for a treat!

To kickstart The Supper Club's Austin presence, Founder Tamsin Lonsdale is throwing a series of stylish launch soirees. Our inaugural event will be a Maestro DOBEL Tequila Legacy Series dinner party at award-winning Mexican restaurant, Malverde at La Condesa on April 16th. During the event we will honor Mexican graffiti artist and Austin native, Federico Archuleta, as part of an evening that will showcase the current state of modern luxury in Mexico. There will be plenty of toasting to all-things-Mexico, from its delectable cuisine, to its tantalizing tequila, to its innovative design.

Following the inaugural dinner will be a continuation of Austin’s launch series at several soon-to-be-revealed locations, equally resplendent as La Condesa.

“Austin is a unique, vibrant city with an incredible food and music scene that I’m excited to learn more about,” Lonsdale says of the expansion. “Quite a few of our members have told us that Austin is a place to be.” She adds, “What the world needs now is sophistication and connection. I miss the times when my parents had a spectacular party where old friends could reconnect, and people made new friends. That’s why I started The Supper Club—to bring this type of experience back to our lives."

We simply can't wait to bring this energy to the beautiful city of Austin this month!